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We at Holidaze specialize in a wide variety of non-ski related tours. Whether you are looking or Bike & Barge Tours that bring you up or down the Rhine, Moselle or Danube, or Deluxe River Cruises with included city tours along those same rivers, or if you are looking for guided city tours to areas such as Ireland and Scotland, India, China, South America, Australia and New Zealand, Africa or...anywhere, Holidaze can help you put together packages for your needs.


Bike & Barge

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River Cruises


Adventure Tours

We offer bike and barge or Bike and Boat tours all over Europe. The most popular being the Holland Tulip Tours or Bike and Boat down the Croatian Coast on the Southern Dalmatia Tour or National Parks Tour.  Whether you are looking for Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Scotland, Greece, Turkey, or even Vietnam or Africa, we have something that your group would be interested in. We work with several different ships throughout all of these destinations, so, in many cases, you may have your choice of ship. We try to organize the best ships to fit your group’s needs.


Here you will find a very small selection of tours that can be operated from April – October. If you are looking for something you don’t see here, please contact our office and tell us what you are looking for. Itineraries and ships tend to change from year to year, so in some cases, tours that were available one year may not be possible the following year.  Please look over the information and let us know how we can help your group.

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