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Image of Amsterdam

Amsterdam to Basel

From Amsterdam to Basel, embark on a cruise rich in history and authenticity. Discover historic monuments through cities such as Haarlem or Colmar and its Unterlinden museum. You can take a stroll to the Arnhem Open Air Museum, which reveals a 100-year-old story.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica: A World of Nature

From thrilling water journeys to ethereal jungle expeditions, discover what pura vida means to you when you explore the essence of Costa Rica. Encounter an emerald wonderland, where trees climb high and animals roam free. Immerse yourself in nature when you spend 2 nights at a remote resort in San Carlos and 3 nights in the region of Arenal National Park. Sample fresh cacao during a visit to a local plantation. Give back to preservation efforts at a sea turtle research station in Tortuguero National Park. Embark on a crocodile safari in the jungle and a bird-watching cruise in the rainforest. Stand suspended over the rainforest floor as you journey across a network of hanging bridges. Hike the lava fields of Arenal Volcano or soar over jungle canopies on a zip line. It’s time to experience a world of nature.

Croatia National Park

Croatia: National Parks Plus

Embark on a journey through the spectacular Dalmatian landscape by e-bike and onboard luxury ship.

South Dalmatia, Croatia

Croatia: South Dalmatia Plus

On our South Dalmatia PLUS Bike & Boat tour, we discover the exceptional natural beauty of the South Dalmatian coastline and island world on board an elegant motor yacht.

Prague Castle

European Christmas Markets

Tour the majestic Prague Castle, visit 5 different countries filled with the holiday spirit and more on this 2024 9-day European Christmas Market Adventure Tour.

Biker riding through Champagne

France: Seine, Paris, and Champagne

The Champagne tour is a bike and barge touring classic that not only allows guests to explore the world famous city of Paris, but also the Champagne region, famous of course, for producing Champagne wines.

Cyclades, Greece

Greece: Cyclades and Saronic Islands

The Cyclades Islands, comprising of more than 30 islands, a truly authentic side of Greece: Gleaming white cube houses with blue shutters and labyrinth-like alleys dominate the architectural character of the islands’ villages and towns.

Tulip field in Holland

Holland: Tulip Tour

Experience springtime at its most colourful in Holland. Explore Dutch landscapes by bike and from the water by sailing ship on our Sail & Bike Holland Tulip Tour.


Iceland: Land of Fire & Ice

An island of dramatic contrasts, uncover Iceland’s natural beauty through a land forged by ice and fire. Travel the “Golden Circle” – an epicenter of natural scenic wonders. Stay overnight in a local fishing community and enjoy a picturesque cruise of the bay. Join an explorative coastline walk and visit a maritime museum that illustrates the work of Icelandic fishermen through the centuries. Soak in the mineral-rich waters of the Blue Lagoon. Discover otherworldly wonders and captivating cultures on a fascinating Icelandic journey.

Tuscany, Italy

Italy: Highlights of Tuscany

There is much to look forward to on this Sail & Bike tour through Tuscany, as you cycle in the footsteps of the Etruscans, enjoying the Italian ‘dolce vita’! The cypress, vineyards, and olive trees that cover the rolling hills characterize the typical Tuscan landscape.

Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca

Venture through the mountains and semi-tropical jungle of Machu Picchu during a spectacular train ride. After a day exploring, overnight at a luxury hotel for the chance to spend a second day at this ultimate bucket-list locale. Perhaps you will see something no one else has. Can you unlock Machu Picchu’s mysteries?

Aerial view of Budapest

Munich to Budapest

Take part in a performance anchored in centuries-old religious tradition in the heart of the legendary village of Oberammergau. The Oberammergau Passion Play, which has taken place every 10 years for over 4 centuries, brings together the inhabitants of the village, who play the role of the main religious figures during an impressive outdoor theatre piece.

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