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Las Lenas, Argentina

About The Resort

Las Leñas is a ski resort in Argentina, located in the western part of Mendoza Province. It has reliable powder snow and climate for extreme and off-piste skiing. Construction of the ski center began in January 1983, and by July 1983, it opened with a 300 bed hotel. The ski area has a good diversity of slopes ranging from very easy to extreme, including a good range of off-piste areas apt for extreme skiing. The skiable area base starts at an altitude of 7,350 feet above mean sea level and goes up to 11,253 feet for a total drop of 3,904 feet. The skiable surface amounts to 1 sq mi, with 27 runs and a maximum non-stop skiable distance of 4 miles (not including off run alternatives). The total ski area reachable by land is the largest in South America. It currently houses Piscis Hotel, the highest casino by elevation in the world. The skiing season usually lasts from mid June to mid October; however, recent seasons have ended as early as mid-September. The center is also open during the southern hemisphere summer for mountain activities including mountain biking, horse riding, climbing and other activities. The ski center includes a ski and snowboard school for all ages and childcare facilities. Specific workshops are also offered at the school to profit from the huge expanses of off-piste runs offered by the area.

More hotel information can be found on the Las Lenas Website,


GATEWAY CITY: Mendoza    DISTANCE: 4.5 Hours   ELEVATION: 7,347'-11,250'

# OF LIFTS: 14     # OF MARKED TRAILS: 29      LONGEST RUN: 4 miles

BEGINNER RUNS: 15%       INTERMEDIATE: 45%     ADVANCE: 40%     EXPERT: 0%


Hotel Partners

Hotel Acuario

Hotel Class:

Acuario Hotel is a small and cozy hotel, with a contemporary design, which is ideal for couples. At the bottom of Eros piste, and in the winter scenery in Las Leñas, this hotel has the most privileged location in the Valley. Intimate and modern, it is lodging where service and elegance combine to ensure a delightful experience.

Hotel Aries

Hotel Class:

A mid the impressive mountain landscape of Las Leñas, Aries & Spa offers a relaxed atmosphere and the ideal environment to share with family and friends. Located a few meters away from TK Urano, the hotel provides direct access to the mountain. The spaciousness and comfort of its facilities coupled with a contemporary style provide a relaxed stay.

Hotel Escorpio

Hotel Class:

Simplicity and warmth make up the essence of this traditional mountain hotel. Escorpio Mountain Lodge is the first hotel built in Las Leñas, with an excellent location providing fast access to the pistes; so it is the place chosen by those who love the mountain lifestyle. A restaurant with mountain views is available on-site.

Piscis Hotel & Spa

Hotel Class:

Hotel Piscis & Spa is the most exclusive hotel in Las Leñas. Located in the heart of the resort with an exceptional panoramic view, this classic and sophisticated hotel sets the highest standards of excellence in service and guest relations.



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